Arianna Pipicelli (MSc Dip UKCP Registered Psychotherapist) Psychotherapy & Counselling in Highbury & Islington, North London

I offer integrative individual and group supervision. I enjoy working with students and qualified practitioners from different therapeutic modalities.

Supervision reduces isolation and increases a sense of belonging and connection. It is a source of strength and support, but it can also be a breeding ground for shame and anxiety. If you choose to work with me, together we will try to walk that tight rope that balance support and challenge.

A strong working alliance and a willingness to explore potential issues in the supervisory relationship is crucial to successfully navigate the feelings of anxiety and shame that will inevitably emerge in supervision. With all our efforts and good intentions power in supervision is heavily in favour of the supervisor, especially if the supervisee is a trainee.

In my opinion supervision has the strongest impact during training. Trainees need to be educated to use supervision and a co-created written contract should be in place.

Also clear boundaries and contracting are fundamental to create a safe space where meaningful work can happen. They increase the supervisee capacity for disclosure, partially rebalance the power dynamics, and minimise abuse.

My work is shaped by the belief that everything is interconnected. An individual is never completely isolated, but always in contact with something and/or somebody else. The importance of the environment is crucial. This means that I pay close attention to the interactions between me and my supervisees and the supervisee`s interaction with her client, their belief systems and the context of their lives.

I believe that it is not possible to establish a single objective or absolute truth. All we can do is to be aware and responsible for our interpretative influences and, focusing on our immediate experience, avoid jumping to quick, abstract conclusions.  In the work with my supervisees I endeavour to respect their perspective on reality, support them to clarify their situation and become aware of their available choices.

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